Manifesta 12 Palermo

Manifesta, the European Nomadic Biennial, founded in the early '90s and still directed by Hedwig Fijen, has selected Palermo to host its 12th edition.

The selection board has chosen the Sicilian capital for its representation of two important themes that identify contemporary Europe: migration and climate change and how these issues impact our cities.

The concept of Manifesta 12 as curated by Creative Mediator Bregtje van der Haak, Andrés Jaque, Ippolito Pestellini Laparelli, Mirjam Varadinis is "The Planetary Garden - Cultivating Coexistence".

Stemming from the metaphore used by French botanist Gilles Clément, who described the world as a “planetary garden” with humanity in charge of being its gardener, Manifesta 12 will co-inhabit Palermo as a laboratory for the challenges of our time, looking for traces of possible futures. In the context of globalisation, Manifesta 12 chooses to be radically local in engaging with the city in all of its diverse components. Palermo’s position at the crossroads of three continents makes it an ideal location for Manifesta 12 to investigate some of the key changes of our time. But it is also a place where the current model of globalisation is contested with new perspectives on civic engagement. 

Manifesta 12 will open on 16.06.2018 and close on 04.11.2018, involving iconic venues like the Botanical Garden, Piazza Magione, Palazzo Butera, the Garibaldi Theatre. During its opening, it will honour the historical traditions of the city like storytelling and the Santa Rosalia procession (July 14th) transforming them in occasions for contemporary dialogue, it will promote new spaces for public hospitality and unveil private archives and collections.

Travelling to Palermo in 2018 during Manifesta 12 will represent a unique opportunity to discover a city where tradition and contemporary, art and life are uniquely intertwined. 

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