Sicilian Symphonic Orchestra - 2018/2019 Season

Set up in 1951, the Sicilian Symphonic Orchestra, composed of 92 member, is one of the largest in Italy, together with the RAI National Orchestra in Turin and the St. Cecilia National Orchestra in Rome. Throughout its history, it was one of the main actors of many key seasons for musical culture and its diffusion, and played a major role in the Sicilian and Italian music scene. The Sicilian Symphonic Orchestra participates every year to many relevant national and international events. Directed by Evgeny Bushkov , it is based in the evocative Politeama Garibaldi Theatre. 

Guests at Hotel Principe di Villafranca who will book their tickets through the hotel concierge service will enjoy a special 20% discount, dedicated to them thanks to the Supporter of the 2018/2019 Season status of The HotelSphere. 

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