The Neighbourhood

Hotel Principe di Villafranca is immersed in the quiet and sophisticated atmosphere of the area encircled by via Libertà, via Sammartino, 
via Dante and via La Farina, in one of the most elegant residential neighbourhoods of Palermo, just behind the main street of the city and a few steps away from Piazza Castelnuovo.

Fashion and furniture design stores mix with cafeterias, bookshops and many shops offering products from the local food and wine industry. Immersed among the plumerias of the ground floor gardens and the shadowy trees of via Siracusa, a walk in the streets surrounding the hotel is truly relaxing.

The neighbourhood, one of the last Liberty reservoirs in the city, boasts fabulous historical buildings like Casa Gregorietti, Palazzo Paladino, Palazzo Dato, Palazzo Failla and Villino Ida, prestigious venues for events and exhibitions like Palazzo Ziino, private art galleries like Galleria Bianca, food boutiques like Pizzo & Pizzo, Prezzemolo & Vitale, Enoteca Picone and many glamourous stores.